Best Trail Camera Under 100?

I've come up with a list of the top 5 best trail cameras under $100 that are actually a quality product and wont' break on you. 

With a lot of things in life the old adage, you get what you pay for, holds very true for trail cameras.

If you have the money to spend, opting for one of the higher end units will definitely be a smart investing option.

At the same time most of us can't really afford to go with one of these options.

best trail camera under 100

Best Trail Camera under $100 Comparison Table



Mega Pixels

Flash Type

Trigger Speed



best trail camera image 13


30 IR emitters

0.5 sec


best trail camera under 100 image 2


Infrared Low Glow

1.0 sec


best trail camera under 100 image 3



1.5 sec


best trail camera under 100 image 4

3 mp

Flash 35 LED

  1.5 sec


best trail camera under 100 image 5



1 sec


1. Stealth Cam G30
best trail camera uder 100 image 1

The Stealth Cam G30 is my top pick for the best trail camera under $100. Of all the trail cameras that are under $100 this one has the best features and the right amount of durability for the price.

Stealth Cam has packed this little guy with tons of features as well as a rugged build quality. It has an 8mp camera, a very fast trigger speed and recovery speed, records in HD video, and is very easy to operate with their Quick Set modes.

Out of the box this game camera is easy to use for beginners as well as efficient enough for experienced trail camera enthusiasts.

2. Moultrie Game Spy A5 Gen 2
best trail camera under 100 image 2

The Moultrie A5 gen 2 is second on our list of the best trail camera under 100, but is also a very reliable camera. With the 5mp camera you will still get quality images but the resolution may be a bit low for some images.

The same goes for the video you get with the A5 gen2. You will have a decently clear picture the the resolution is set to 640x480.

Another aspect I like is that this camera has a low glow flash which can be used as a budget surveillance trail camera. Overall, a very decent trail camera for the price point of around $60.

best trail camera under 100 image 3
The Stealth Cam p18 boast a 7mp camera and 18 IR emitters which give a pretty decent flash when compared to other models at this price point.

The burst mode function allows you to take 1-6 images per triggering. The external LCD display shows you the picture count and battery life. The p18 also has a video mode with your choice of 5, 15, or 30 sec recording times.

This model also comes with batteries and an SD card so you can head to field and set it right when you get it.

best trail camera under 100 image 4

It is a really popular model in the market as it is one of the cheaper models.  At the same time it also is very reliable and comes pre-configured so you can use it right out of the box.

You'll get an image resolution of 3 megapixels which is a bit low and to be expected at a lower price point. This camera has a quick trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and a recovery time of 5 seconds which is the main reason this camera comes in at number 4 in the top 5 best trail cameras under $100.

The Primos Truth Cam 35 is a great option for those looking to get a budget trail camera and who may be just starting out. It doesn't have a lot of the features that you'd get from a higher end camera.
best trail camera under 100 image 5
The Stealth Cam P12 is one of the more popular models put out by GSM outdoors. This model is water resistant which is one of it's better qualities. Especially at this low price point.

This game camera is also very easy to use and comes with quickset options. For each quickset you can either get 6mp resolution images with 30 second delays or a 4mp resolution and a 5 second delay. It does have a relatively slow trigger speed at 30 seconds which is why it's number 5 on the list.

This camera does boast a 6mp camera which is a pretty decent amount for this price of trail camera. You will get some pretty quality images.


It's important to understand the distinction between trail cameras that are under $100 versus those that cost significantly more.  You get a lot less features and the images tend to be less clear than those over $100.

Here's an instructional video on the #1 Game Camera under $100.

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