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There has been great development in game cameras over the last two decades. One of the latest improvements in the trail camera field is the use of cellular and wireless technology to make a user-friendly camera; a wireless trail camera.

It has been suggested as the most important improvement in big game hunting over the last two decades. When in the right hands, this type of camera is incredibly powerful.

If you are out there looking for a game camera, then you should give wireless trail cameras a closer look. In this article, I share an overview of these cameras and hopefully, help you to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase one.

What are Wireless Game Cameras?

This type of trail camera is offered with a SIM card from a cellular carrier or a transmitter which transports images captured by the camera to your email or phone. Therefore, it is a very convenient and user-friendly camera as you do not have to walk to the woods or to the garden to see what is captured and stored on the camera.

Who Uses Wi-fi/Cellular Trail Cameras?

Wireless game cameras are mostly used by hunters for game surveillance. They are designed to be used outdoors; are waterproof and rugged. They can also be used for property surveillance since they can send real-time notifications of trespassers on your property, straight to your phone or email within 90 seconds. However, they are also used for security- indoors and outdoors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Hunting Cameras


Wireless game cameras are good for use indoors and outdoors. They are also portable and you can shift them from place to place depending on where you want surveillance. Lastly, they are inconspicuous and cannot be easily found.


These cameras run on batteries. You have to ensure that they have battery indicators for you to assess their consumption. Otherwise, they may just go off without your awareness. They also rely on GSM card networks and can’t operate in areas without network coverage or signal.

How Do You Choose a Good Wireless Trail Camera?

There are many wireless game cameras available, and sometimes we find it hard choosing the right one. The following points will help you find the best one for you.  These are just a few of the trail camera features to look for.

1. Durability of the camera

A wireless game camera is useless if not working. It becomes a liability and a waste of money and time. Therefore, before you go for one, make certain that it has good customer reviews and very few complaints, if any. Remember, a good camera should last.

2. Recovery time

Recovery time is the amount of time that a camera takes to be ready to take a successive shot after the first shot. A good wireless trail camera will take 1 to 5 seconds. If it is lower, then you will probably miss out on some photos.

The trigger time should also be short to ensure that the camera won’t miss its target.

3. Resolution

You need a camera that will give you crisper, clearer images. You therefore need a camera with a bit high resolution. However, cost may act a hindrance towards getting a 10 MP. You can still get a low or middle-range camera as long as it allows you to see the shots captured.

You also need a good flash for night images. If you need to record video clips, then go for wireless game cameras that can record video.

4. Memory

Some cameras have built-in viewers that will allow you to view the images without leaving the woods. However, they come with extra costs. Nevertheless they are the best to buy. But if you do not go for them, then you have to make a choice between in-built memory or SD cards.

If you buy a camera using in-built memory, you will not get as much storage capacity as you require. In addition, you have to take down the camera and connect it to your computer when you need to view the photos captured. Therefore, SD cards are more preferred.

5. Detection zone

You should go for a camera with a wider detection zone. However, this comes with extra costs.

6. Battery life

You will need to get a battery that can stay longer in the woods before your camera goes off.  Usually going for the lithium type batteries will last a lot longer than regular alkaline ones.

Quick Tip for Using your Wi-fi Trail Camera

You should Never face the camera in the wrong direction. It should always face north. This will ensure that there will be no false triggers as the path of the sun will never move across the sensor. This will also eliminate the sun’s glare, enhancing your daytime image quality.

To avoid false triggers and low quality images, always make sure that your camera has the right orientation.

Best Wireless Trail Cameras On The Market?

Now that you have an overview of wireless trail cameras, let us look at the top wireless game cameras in the market.

1. Covert Special Ops Code Black

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This product works with a GSM SIM card major providers being TMobile and T&T in the US.

This camera is very fast delivering image in your phone within 60 seconds after detection. It offers a wide detection area, about 90 feet.

Its trigger speed is 1.3 seconds and the recovery time is 6 seconds. The product also offers nightand day visionwith great clarity; having 60 flash LEDs for capturing nighttime photos.

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This wireless game camera is easy and simple to set up. This camera harbors a beautiful design and it is built to last.  Don't forget that Bushnell offers in house data plans so you don't need to get a separate plan from a cell carrier.

The main features of the Bushnell Trail Camera include its excellent HD clarity and a No-Glow flash that features 32 infrared LEDs. It can therefore offer sharp and clear after-dark imagery. In addition, it has a motion sensor that can detect objects equal to 60 feet away and has an impressive 0.6 second trigger speed. One set of its battery can run up to 3 months.

In addition, it has 8MP resolution image and video recording of up to 60 seconds. It also offers audio recording. You can also control the camera remotely via your smart phone or your computer.

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This product comes from a company known for offering some of the top trail cameras. It supports At&T and various international cellular carriers.

Its special features include its excellent detection with a super fast trigger speed of just 0.2 seconds.

Its detection zone is 60 feet. The camera also offers flexibility and can capture several photos per single trigger. A single trigger can also be equal to 5 minutes. It has a high resolution and stores its photos on an SD card.

The game camera also offers loop recording option, burst and time-lapse surveillance modes.


When buying trail cameras, it is always good that you have prior knowledge of what is in the market. This will help you to make a decision on what you want and I believe that the above information will help in making that decision. Their advantages outweigh their cons and therefore, it is recommended that you get one as you will be at a far better advantage when hunting.

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