Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10mp Review


Low-Mid Price

Ease Of Use

Easy enough for beginners.

Power Options

Batteries or solar panel

Picture Quality

Top Notch picture quality


Amazing features for the price

browning strike force review

When it comes to high quality trail cameras, Browning is definitely a company that can be trusted to make good products.

The Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10mp Trail Camera is certainly no exception to the Browning reputation, as it is both easy to use and extremely reliable.

This is a camera that can hold up to the elements, and also provide hunters or trail maintenance personnel with high resolution imagery every time. This camera has performed very well for me, and many other people which is evidenced by the multitude of good reviews this product has.

Camouflaged External Design

The browning strike force trail camera is designed with a perfect aesthetic for the trail/wilderness. It features a woodland camouflage design which is perfect for many different woodland environments.

If you are hunting in a jungle type environment, or one that is heavily exfoliated with different types of green plants, then this camo design may not be ideal since it is ore of a grayish/tree bark style camo design. However, for most other wooded environments, this camera is designed with the optimal camouflage.

Exceptional Trigger Time

This is a game camera that is capable of capturing an image in a lightning fast time frame. The Browning strike force is capable of capturing an image in only 0.67 seconds, which is easily fast enough to capture most animal movement even if it is moving quickly.

Sometimes an animal will be running across the frame, and some other game cameras will only be able to capture a somewhat blurry image while the browning strike force is capable of capturing a clear image even with a lot of movement in the frame.

High Definition Video Capability

This is a trail camera that can not only take still frame shots, but it can also record high definition video with audio recording as well. The video recording duration that this camera can achieve is anywhere from 5 seconds at a time, up to 2 minutes in duration.

Being able to record high definition video with this trail camera has allowed me to capture some pretty rare moments of animals, and has allowed me to take stunning nature videos without having to actually be preset at the time.

Battery Life and Flash Range

Overall I have been highly satisfied with the battery life I get with my Browning strike force trail camera, and the battery life that one can achieve with this unit will vary slightly depending on the brand of AA battery that you use in the camera.

This camera takes 6 AA batteries at a time, and you can certainly use rechargeable batteries as well. In addition to a solid battery life with this trail camera, you also can take advantage of this unit’s 100 foot flash range.

The 100 food flash range is perfect for getting good, clean images even in total darkness. To make this camera even more user friendly, Browning also included time-lapse viewer software which is called Browning buck watch. This is an easy-to-use program that makes utilizing the trail camera a breeze.

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