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Browning is among the few pioneers in the manufacturing of trail cameras. They’ve been in this industry for many years now. We’ve actually seen them design new cameras, innovate and improvise most of their models.

They offer an extensive model line of game cams at different price ranges. Their trail cameras are conveniently solid and sturdy, coming with all features for hunting, game observing and surveillance needs.

Top 5 Browning Trail Cameras

Below is a list of the top 5 Browning trail cameras. As said before, their model line is notably vast. It’d be very challenging and cumbersome to go through all their models to know which one would suit you best. Use this as a guide when shopping for a Browning trail cam. We’ll also dig deeper into detail as we try to define the reason behind why these models are highly rated and popular.

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Browning really outdid themselves with the Strike Force Sub-Micro 10MP trail camera.

Coated in quite an appealing design, you’ll be able to capture nature in its purest form using this trail cam, in either photo or video.

The videos recorded are of HD quality, and range from 5 seconds to around 2 minutes for a single shoot. The photos are captured amazingly fast, thanks to the quick 0.67-second trigger speed.

The Strike Force red-glow, motion-triggered cam features a range of approximately 100 feet. It runs on 8 AA batteries which provide for a long battery life. The model can take over 10,000 pictures on the 8 AA batteries. It captures up to 6 rapid-fire and 8 multi-shot images. This is undeniably excellent offer going at a modest price. It’d be a fantastic purchase for almost any application, including surveillance.

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The Specs Ops is an exclusive addition in the trail camera industry. With it, it brings modern, unique and advanced trail camera features.

It’s able to capture top quality motionless photos and 1280 x 720 HD clean video clips, thanks to the excellent image sensor and built-in microphone. You’ll definitely enjoy the various settings it has, especially invisible UV flashes for nighttime.

It takes images at the pre-set intervals of five, ten, fifteen and thirty seconds. The Specs Ops can operate in different modes, including time-lapse, time-lapse plus, motionless pictures and video.

This model has a 2-inch, colored TFT LCD screen which displays images for playback. There’s a TV outlet connector that you can use to display captured images and videos on larger television screens. The unit comes packed with buck-watch time-lapse viewing software. You can use this to view your time-lapse videos on your personal computer. The Specs Ops trail cam is more suitable for outdoor trail picture capturing. It’s well-built, quite efficient and highly reliable. It’s certainly a model worth considering.

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This is among the most popular trail cameras in the entire Browning line. It’s reasonably priced at a very affordable point.

The Recon Force XR camera comes along with a mini CD, an instruction manual and a small box containing the mounting strap.

It takes top quality images, with good contrast and brightness. While this model looks and feels sturdy, it weighs approximately 1 pound, including the batteries.

The Recon Force boasts a 30-LED bank, IR flash, a temperature sensor and an indicator light. The setup required is pretty easy. You’ll first set the time and date before selecting your desired image and video settings. Security is enhanced by the inclusion of the Browning Security Box. This will give you 3 places from where you can lock your camera to a tree or a pole. The Recon Force is a rock-solid built trail cam, packed with awesome features which provide for satisfying photos and videos.

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The Range Ops XR offers an excellent detection circuit and sufficient image quality. It takes HD, 720p video and 8MP photos, which is definitely a surprise at this price point.

In addition to the 60-feet flash range, this model allows for a 50-degree field of view. The quality photos captured offer plenty of detail, enough to easily recognize targets. This camera will be ready to capture another photo within 2.1 second of taking the first one.

You’ll get to enjoy two multi-shot modes: Rapid-Fire and Multi-Shot. The Rapid-Fire mode allows the cam to capture 2-4 shots with just 0.3 seconds between every shot.

On the other hand, it will capture up to 8 shorts with just 3 seconds between every shot. You’ll find it easy to capture the target’s movements at the beginning, middle and end. The Range Ops packs enough functionality to appeal to users and a price tag that’s really reasonable.

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The Dark Ops is basically the no-glow version of the Strike Force. This implies that the camera won’t emit light that’s visible to the human eye.

This game camera offers high video resolution and an improved latch construction. You’ll be able to access important details like temperature, time, date and barometric pressure on the pictures.

All programming buttons are simple and work perfectly well. The camera also boasts a solid 70-feet detection range.

However, this will vary based on the positioning and ambient temperature. As with no-glow trail cameras, the Dark Ops’ night pictures will be a bit grainier and darker. The daytime pictures feature great color and nice clarity. The Dark Ops is a compact and easy-to-conceal trail cam.


Browning is a brand worth considering if you’re seeking a top quality, but affordable trail cam. They’ve many different models, varying in terms of price and the features they offer. This brand is well-known for reliability and durability. Also, their prompt and reliable customer support backs why they deserve their remarkable reputation. You’re thus sure to get quick support in case you encounter any issues. Bottom line, they offer great value packages at really affordable prices. Make good use of the guide above and you can rest assured that your selection will be perfectly right for you.

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