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Bushnell has been killing it in high-performance optics for 65 years.  They have recently joined the trail camera market as it's a relatively new one.  At the same time, they have brought their knowledge and amazing attention to quality into their trail cameras making them one of the top brands producing game cameras today.

Bushnell trail cameras are considered a "standard" among those in the field and when you purchase one of their cameras you will quickly see why.

Quick Facts About Bushnell

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Made in USA, Bushnell game cameras are guaranteed to be the highest quality.  They started their business in the imaging and optics industry with products including binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, night vision equipment, GPS devices, spotting scopes, laser range finders and of course game cameras.  They also sell performance eye ware ski-goggles as well as Serengeti sunglasses.

The Bushnell Company was founded by David P. Bushnell in 1948.  Over the years they have acquired many smaller companies in their industry to help grow their market share as well as expand the markets that their company provides for.

One of the amazing things about Bushnell is their Warranty policy.  When you purchase one of their products, you will get a lifetime "no questions asked" which applies to all binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes.

The Top Bushnell Trail Cameras Reviewed

1. Bushnell 8mp Trophy Cam Standard Edition

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This Bushnell game camera tops our list for the best of their brand.  It is a higher priced model which is attributed to the fact that it is a wi-fi/cellular trail camera.  What this means is that this camera will send the pictures it takes directly to your phone.  You will need to have a data plan with a cell phone carrier.

Luckily, Bushnell offers the first 30 days of your purchase for free.  This comes in the form of unlimited thumbnails sent through your plan.  When this 30 day trial is up there is no need to worry about the costs of their plan as they are very competitively priced.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Standard offers a solid 8mp camera with the option for HD recording.  It is also a no glow Infrared flash which will give you decent pictures at night in black and white without scaring or alerting anything to its presence.

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Another high priced model from Bushnell, the bone collector is not without top notch features.  Again, this trail camera comes with an 8mp lens which will capture HD photos as well as record in 1280×720 HD for video.

You get a 60ft detection range which is more than enough to capture whatever is in front of the camera.  It also boasts an impressive 0.2 trigger speed. 

The Bone Collector is weather proof and will last up to 1 whole year in the field on 8 AA batteries.  Of course Lithium is the way to go.  It is also recommended to get an additional SD card for photo and video storage.

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Coming in at the 3rd spot for Bushnell Trail Cameras is the X8.  This model is in the Low-mid price range for game cameras.  Bushnell has taken some of the top notch features of their higher end models but still packed this baby with decent enough tech.

You get 6mp which is still not to shabby.  Read about how the number of megapixels isn't everything.  The detection range is at 60ft and you get a 1second trigger speed.

This camera will also run for 9 months on a single set of batteries.

The X-8 is definitely a great choice if you're looking to save a little bit of money and still get a quality trail camera.

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If you're looking for a medium priced camera that still offers great features then the 14mp Trophy Cam Aggressor might be what you're looking for. 

While it may not be completely necessary to have a 14mp lens in your trail camera, it definitely is not gonna hurt. (You can still get great images with a 6mp one)  The Aggressor boasts a 0.2 trigger time which is considered top of the line and won't miss any fast moving objects that pass through the detection zone.

Expect a detection range of 80ft which is about industry average.  What the Aggressor comes with that sets itself apart is the ARD anti reflection LED lens that is removable.  You may want to remove this as it can be a drain on the battery though. 

Another great option from Bushnell, The Aggressor won't disappoint as it is packed with amazing features.  Still shocked that the sticker price is as low as it is!

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Yet another great option coming from the Bushnell factory is the Hybrid version of the Standard Trophy Cam model line.  This unit is mid-priced as well but once again, feature rich.

As what seems to be standard in the Bushnell line, you'll get an 8mp lens which boasts amazing quality images.  This unit records HD video at 1280×720 with sound.  The detection range is 60ft as well as most other Bushnell trail cameras.

What sets this camera apart is the Hybrid capture mode.  In this mode, users can take both video and images at the same time.  Each photo is time stamped and will include the date and time it was taken, the temperature, moon phase and GPS location.

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