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Cuddeback Trail Cameras

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Founded in 1989, Cuddeback trail cameras are among the world’s oldest brands, unlike some other brands which have come and gone. Cuddeback has been in the market for over 25 years now.

Their main goal has always been to design the best trail camera possible at every price point. So far, they have been able to maintain top notch performance at quite affordable prices.

Top 5 Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Below, we are going to feature the top 5 Cuddeback trail cameras. This will purposely serve as your ultimate guide whenever you’re shopping for Cuddeback trail cameras. In addition, we will look into each of these top models, showing you why these cameras are highly rated.

1. Long Range IR Model E2

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Many users have reported that the Long Range IR Model E2 really saves them hours when out in the field.

It’s a highly dependable device that’s certain to capture all information you’d need to track movements. Its fast ¼-second trigger speed complements a fast recovery time.

This game camera can capture two pictures in the same period many other models would take one.

The Long Range IR E2 has been asserted by many as the best Cuddeback trail camera available. It offers a 20MP resolution which, in addition to its wide-view image capability, allows for crystal-clear images.

This model gives you 2 watts of infrared illumination, with up to a 100-feet flash range. Zone control is among the excellent features you will enjoy. This enables you to select a wider angle for monitoring the field, and a properly centered view for trails. This would be your match if you’re seeking an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice in terms of quality.

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Here is yet another Cuddeback’s model that offers great performance at quite a nice price. The IR Plus 1309 boasts a 1/2 second trigger.

This is virtually the fastest you can get at this low price point. Similar to the model above, this trail camera will be ready to capture the next photo within one second of taking the first.

This model excels in its simple setup which, in turn, makes the setup and deployment almost fool-proof.

The mounting system has been reinvented, making it more versatile and easier to deploy the camera. Using the Genius Mount feature, you’ll not bang the cam around while strapping it to a pole or a tree. Optimal mounts additionally allow for tilting, panning and locking. The 8MP IR Plus 1309 (White Series) would be a great option for budget-minded hunters who’re also looking for performance that’s not disappointing.

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The Cuddeback Black Flash E3 is an all around impressive camera that has been an ultimate option for hunters.

It comes included with a 20MP resolution which allows for a 1-5 image burst mode. You can thus get various different views.

Additionally, you get multiple motion sensor options, including the day-only, at night-only or both. You can opt for photos only or get video playback. As well, you can choose to add sound to your videos.

One major benefit of the E3 is that it’ll display the moon-phase directly on the captured photo or video. This way, it’ll be easier to track game based on their behavioral patterns. You won’t need to worry about readjusting the settings or time for daylight saving time. This is automatically done within the camera.

The Cuddeback E3 offers many benefits which are barely offered by other units at such a price point. It’s rightfully deserves consideration if you’re looking for a top quality, compact trail camera.

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This is another top model from Cuddeback’s Blue Series. It’s an entirely new concept in trail cams.

First, the X-Change 1255 features interchangeable models which allow the cameras flash to become IR, color or Black Flash. Secondly, it boasts a legendary ¼-second trigger speed. 

It will be ready to capture the next photo within one second of capturing the first. 

The 20MP pictures produced are simply incredible, giving you color images during daytime and black-and-white images at night. Several innovative features have been incorporated in this model, including fully customizable time lapse and Zone Control.

Among the exclusive features you’ll find is the no-glow flash module. Versatility and top performance are the major benefits you’ll get with the X-Change 1255; rest assured that you’re getting real value for your hard-earned money.

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This was the first cam that gained remarkable popularity outside Cuddeback’s E-Series. It’s actually easy to see why. The C2 employs specific zones, combining that with the second trigger speed.

The missed moments and blind spots common with many other cameras are not an issue with this model. The video mode is well designed to grant you better experience with a better 20MP resolution.

This camera’s dimensions are average at 7-inch x 7.2-inch x 3.5-inch, which is conveniently compact. It has proven to be a real standout in many detection shootouts. Its batteries would notably last over 8 months if it were to capture 35 day and 35 night pictures in every 24 hours. This is a model consumers have loved, and you’re sure to love it as well.

The Cuddeback Trail Camera Difference


Cuddeback trail cams can also serve as surveillance cameras. They’re reliable, compact, capture excellent photos, and easily blend into their surroundings. With their innovative concealment methods, you’ll be able to hide the game camera in plain sight and any intruder won’t see it.  You can use any of the cameras above even in the most hostile conditions.

While most brands are busy racing to offer low priced cameras, Cuddeback is continuing to build the best trail cameras for your money. Their support is highly remarkable as they respond to all their customers promptly and effectively.

There are 4 different camera families to choose from which include the White, Blue, Silver and Black Series. These vary in the features they offer and their price points. Choose your camera wisely, in accordance to your specific needs and preferences. You can be assured that Cuddeback’s top cameras won’t disappoint you.

Stealth Trail Cameras

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Stealth Cam was launched in 2000 by GSM. Subsequently, they re-invented the concept of surveillance cameras. Before Stealth Cam was launched, traditional game cameras were pieced together using off-the-shelf components, and then wired together to form a working camera.

They wiped the slate clean and started from scratch. They built their first trail camera as one complete unit through cutting-edge engineering and resources. The reception by consumers was overwhelming.

Over the years, they’ve earned multiple awards from various top retailers. They continued integrating the emerging digital technologies into their trail cameras. Once again, Stealth Cam redefined the trail camera in 2004 when they introduced the Wildview brand.

This was specifically designed to take all the hassle and guesswork out of programming a trail cam by incorporating a simple switch user interface without having to sacrifice other key features. Till today, Wildview remains among the most popular trail cameras in the market competing of course with the Browning trail camera lineup.

Top 5 Stealth Trail Cameras

Trail cameras have evolved rapidly over recent years as more and more users demand enhanced features in their cameras. Stealth has not failed users of its products. In 2010, they introduced TRIAD technology.

This delivers the ultimate versatility by incorporating 3 cameras in one. This allows the user to choose from one of the 3 different digital scouting formats.

Below, we’re going to review the top 5 Stealth trail cameras. This will serve as your handy guide when shopping for a Stealth camera. This guide is entirely factual and unbiased. This list has been compiled based on various determining factors, including our own experience with the different units, reviews from other users and the exact features offered by each device.

1. GXW Wireless 12MP Trail Camera

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Top of the list, we have a 12MP scouting camera that integrates 45 Black IR emitters with a 100-feet range.

The GXW is a great tool for property security, land management and for hunters who’re tracking potential trophies with their mobile devices.

 It takes advantage of the outdoor enthusiasts busy schedule and today’s technology to provide real-time updates using wireless technology. It will transmit images and video clips straight to your mobile device through the free Stealth Cam Remote app.

The Remote app features a highly functional user interface, giving you complete control over camera and wireless settings right from the palm of your hand. It’ll also allow you to create and manage multiple galleries.

As well, you can share your files instantly via text, email or social media.

The 0.4-second Reflex trigger speed, Matrix advanced Blur Reduction, Retina Low

Light sensitivity and the advanced image processors dynamically enhance this trail cameras image and video quality.

This scouting camera sets the standard in the industry with its GEO-Tag GPS tagging system which allows you to manage the cameras easily by pinpointing location and tracking the favorite sites. Many features make this model a must-buy if you’re seeking a highly performing, top-of-the-line trail cam. These include multi-lingual (English, French, German, and Spanish), information stamp, manual shot capability, time lapse with PIR Override and much more.

stealth trail cameras image 3

Although the STC-G42NG is lowly priced, it’s still considered part of Stealth Cams premium line. This model is from the much famed G series.

With a trigger speed of less than one second, this trail cam specializes in nighttime shots using 42 black IR emitters with a 100-feet range.

The retina technology is a remarkable improvement over the older models, offering a better and more consistent way to capture daytime and nighttime pictures. It’s among the best low-light trail cameras you can get.

Like other Stealth cameras, the STC-G42NG can take 180 seconds of high definition video. It makes use of a powerful 10MP camera to achieve the best resolution. The coverage is handled by assigning zones.

Instead of a narrow view, you’ll get a full range which covers more areas than many other cameras in the market. In Rapid Fire mode, this model can take nine consecutive pictures in a flash. Flagship cameras need not cost lots of money, and the STC-G42NG is among the best examples proving that theory.

stealth trail cameras image 4

The RX36 trail camera sports a smaller and more compact design which lends itself to more discretion in the woods.

The case design is pretty solid and the camera itself seems to be well constructed. With a picture trigger speed of 0.80 seconds, the RX36 boasts a 4.9-second recovery speed. It features a 2.9-second video trigger speed and 6.7-second video recovery speed.

The detection range is approximately 60 feet, which is perfect for most camera trap stations.

You can capture photos with resolutions of 8, 6, 4 and 2MP.

Daytime pictures have solid color and great clarity. The flash range is notably strong, thus able to capture very clear images even during nighttime. Both the day and night power consumptions are in a really good range. The battery life would last 5.8 months out in the field if it were to take 35 day and 35 night pictures in every 24 hours. Overall, the RX36 offers several decent features.

It’s definitely worth its price point and is greatly recommended by other users.

stealth trail camera image 5

The Stealth Cam G30 is among their original flagship cameras. It’s one of the best cameras you’d get from their lineup. With an 8MP camera and options to use it in lower resolutions (4 and 2), battery power won’t be an issue.

Video recording is at its best for such a version. With an amped up 180-second HD video with audio, you’ll get a considerable amount of footage to capture what you're after. It supports SD cards of up to 32GB.

The G30 Triad trail cam offers an impressive 80-feet range, taking full advantage of the thirty IR emitters. It offers an amazing field of view, especially when placed in a good spot. It can take manual pictures for testing purposes. For even further testing, it features a full-fledged test mode. Some of the unique features it offers include USB output for information importing and a video output to the television. This is a model worth considering, especially if you’re seeking a flagship model and don’t want the upgraded version of the same.

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Here’s a sneaky, little trail cam that’s reasonably priced in Stealth’s lineup. It boasts some really surprising features for the budget user. It comes packed with a strong 6MP which can take 15 seconds of video.

The time-lapse feature is conveniently customizable. With a 50-feet range, it has 12 IR emitters which are more than enough for beginner hunters. The burst mode functions more like the rapid fire mode, capturing 1-6 images per trigger, for up to 59 seconds.

This game camera will give you a keen sense of what’s going on in the area you’re monitoring. In addition, it has options for time stamps, all available at a bargain. The moon phase time and date information can be embedded on any photo that’s captured with the cam.

As an added treat, an incorporated quick set dial gives you full access to a wide range of options at your fingertips. It’d be a great buy for those who’re seeking a small starter game camera, and will offer more than just doing the job.

Choose the Best Stealth Trail Camera

There’s a wide range of Stealth trail cameras to choose from. Most of their cameras come loaded with lots of amazing features to meet your needs and preferences. They also bear attractive price points to suit your pocket, whether it’s small or big.

All of their trail cameras come with HD digital recording, with the only exception being the digital P12 camera. The list above would be a great point to start from if you’re looking to purchase a Stealth camera.

The different models above offer distinct features and come at varying prices. It’s entirely up to you to decide which model would suit you best, based on your specific needs. Rest assured, you won’t go wrong by using the reviews above as your guide when shopping for a Stealth camera.

Bushnell Trail Cameras

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Bushnell has been killing it in high-performance optics for 65 years.  They have recently joined the trail camera market as it's a relatively new one.  At the same time, they have brought their knowledge and amazing attention to quality into their trail cameras making them one of the top brands producing game cameras today.

Bushnell trail cameras are considered a "standard" among those in the field and when you purchase one of their cameras you will quickly see why.

Quick Facts About Bushnell

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Made in USA, Bushnell game cameras are guaranteed to be the highest quality.  They started their business in the imaging and optics industry with products including binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, night vision equipment, GPS devices, spotting scopes, laser range finders and of course game cameras.  They also sell performance eye ware ski-goggles as well as Serengeti sunglasses.

The Bushnell Company was founded by David P. Bushnell in 1948.  Over the years they have acquired many smaller companies in their industry to help grow their market share as well as expand the markets that their company provides for.

One of the amazing things about Bushnell is their Warranty policy.  When you purchase one of their products, you will get a lifetime "no questions asked" which applies to all binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes.

The Top Bushnell Trail Cameras Reviewed

1. Bushnell 8mp Trophy Cam Standard Edition

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This Bushnell game camera tops our list for the best of their brand.  It is a higher priced model which is attributed to the fact that it is a wi-fi/cellular trail camera.  What this means is that this camera will send the pictures it takes directly to your phone.  You will need to have a data plan with a cell phone carrier.

Luckily, Bushnell offers the first 30 days of your purchase for free.  This comes in the form of unlimited thumbnails sent through your plan.  When this 30 day trial is up there is no need to worry about the costs of their plan as they are very competitively priced.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Standard offers a solid 8mp camera with the option for HD recording.  It is also a no glow Infrared flash which will give you decent pictures at night in black and white without scaring or alerting anything to its presence.

bushnell trail camera image 3

Another high priced model from Bushnell, the bone collector is not without top notch features.  Again, this trail camera comes with an 8mp lens which will capture HD photos as well as record in 1280×720 HD for video.

You get a 60ft detection range which is more than enough to capture whatever is in front of the camera.  It also boasts an impressive 0.2 trigger speed. 

The Bone Collector is weather proof and will last up to 1 whole year in the field on 8 AA batteries.  Of course Lithium is the way to go.  It is also recommended to get an additional SD card for photo and video storage.

bushnell trail camera image 4

Coming in at the 3rd spot for Bushnell Trail Cameras is the X8.  This model is in the Low-mid price range for game cameras.  Bushnell has taken some of the top notch features of their higher end models but still packed this baby with decent enough tech.

You get 6mp which is still not to shabby.  Read about how the number of megapixels isn't everything.  The detection range is at 60ft and you get a 1second trigger speed.

This camera will also run for 9 months on a single set of batteries.

The X-8 is definitely a great choice if you're looking to save a little bit of money and still get a quality trail camera.

bushnell trail camera image 5

If you're looking for a medium priced camera that still offers great features then the 14mp Trophy Cam Aggressor might be what you're looking for. 

While it may not be completely necessary to have a 14mp lens in your trail camera, it definitely is not gonna hurt. (You can still get great images with a 6mp one)  The Aggressor boasts a 0.2 trigger time which is considered top of the line and won't miss any fast moving objects that pass through the detection zone.

Expect a detection range of 80ft which is about industry average.  What the Aggressor comes with that sets itself apart is the ARD anti reflection LED lens that is removable.  You may want to remove this as it can be a drain on the battery though. 

Another great option from Bushnell, The Aggressor won't disappoint as it is packed with amazing features.  Still shocked that the sticker price is as low as it is!

bushnell trail camera image 6

Yet another great option coming from the Bushnell factory is the Hybrid version of the Standard Trophy Cam model line.  This unit is mid-priced as well but once again, feature rich.

As what seems to be standard in the Bushnell line, you'll get an 8mp lens which boasts amazing quality images.  This unit records HD video at 1280×720 with sound.  The detection range is 60ft as well as most other Bushnell trail cameras.

What sets this camera apart is the Hybrid capture mode.  In this mode, users can take both video and images at the same time.  Each photo is time stamped and will include the date and time it was taken, the temperature, moon phase and GPS location.

The Difference

Browning Trail Cameras

browning trail cameras image 1

Browning is among the few pioneers in the manufacturing of trail cameras. They’ve been in this industry for many years now. We’ve actually seen them design new cameras, innovate and improvise most of their models.

They offer an extensive model line of game cams at different price ranges. Their trail cameras are conveniently solid and sturdy, coming with all features for hunting, game observing and surveillance needs.

Top 5 Browning Trail Cameras

Below is a list of the top 5 Browning trail cameras. As said before, their model line is notably vast. It’d be very challenging and cumbersome to go through all their models to know which one would suit you best. Use this as a guide when shopping for a Browning trail cam. We’ll also dig deeper into detail as we try to define the reason behind why these models are highly rated and popular.

browning trail cameras image 3

Browning really outdid themselves with the Strike Force Sub-Micro 10MP trail camera.

Coated in quite an appealing design, you’ll be able to capture nature in its purest form using this trail cam, in either photo or video.

The videos recorded are of HD quality, and range from 5 seconds to around 2 minutes for a single shoot. The photos are captured amazingly fast, thanks to the quick 0.67-second trigger speed.

The Strike Force red-glow, motion-triggered cam features a range of approximately 100 feet. It runs on 8 AA batteries which provide for a long battery life. The model can take over 10,000 pictures on the 8 AA batteries. It captures up to 6 rapid-fire and 8 multi-shot images. This is undeniably excellent offer going at a modest price. It’d be a fantastic purchase for almost any application, including surveillance.

browning trail cameras image 4

The Specs Ops is an exclusive addition in the trail camera industry. With it, it brings modern, unique and advanced trail camera features.

It’s able to capture top quality motionless photos and 1280 x 720 HD clean video clips, thanks to the excellent image sensor and built-in microphone. You’ll definitely enjoy the various settings it has, especially invisible UV flashes for nighttime.

It takes images at the pre-set intervals of five, ten, fifteen and thirty seconds. The Specs Ops can operate in different modes, including time-lapse, time-lapse plus, motionless pictures and video.

This model has a 2-inch, colored TFT LCD screen which displays images for playback. There’s a TV outlet connector that you can use to display captured images and videos on larger television screens. The unit comes packed with buck-watch time-lapse viewing software. You can use this to view your time-lapse videos on your personal computer. The Specs Ops trail cam is more suitable for outdoor trail picture capturing. It’s well-built, quite efficient and highly reliable. It’s certainly a model worth considering.

browning trail cameras image 5

This is among the most popular trail cameras in the entire Browning line. It’s reasonably priced at a very affordable point.

The Recon Force XR camera comes along with a mini CD, an instruction manual and a small box containing the mounting strap.

It takes top quality images, with good contrast and brightness. While this model looks and feels sturdy, it weighs approximately 1 pound, including the batteries.

The Recon Force boasts a 30-LED bank, IR flash, a temperature sensor and an indicator light. The setup required is pretty easy. You’ll first set the time and date before selecting your desired image and video settings. Security is enhanced by the inclusion of the Browning Security Box. This will give you 3 places from where you can lock your camera to a tree or a pole. The Recon Force is a rock-solid built trail cam, packed with awesome features which provide for satisfying photos and videos.

browning trail cameras image 6

The Range Ops XR offers an excellent detection circuit and sufficient image quality. It takes HD, 720p video and 8MP photos, which is definitely a surprise at this price point.

In addition to the 60-feet flash range, this model allows for a 50-degree field of view. The quality photos captured offer plenty of detail, enough to easily recognize targets. This camera will be ready to capture another photo within 2.1 second of taking the first one.

You’ll get to enjoy two multi-shot modes: Rapid-Fire and Multi-Shot. The Rapid-Fire mode allows the cam to capture 2-4 shots with just 0.3 seconds between every shot.

On the other hand, it will capture up to 8 shorts with just 3 seconds between every shot. You’ll find it easy to capture the target’s movements at the beginning, middle and end. The Range Ops packs enough functionality to appeal to users and a price tag that’s really reasonable.

browning trail cameras image 7

The Dark Ops is basically the no-glow version of the Strike Force. This implies that the camera won’t emit light that’s visible to the human eye.

This game camera offers high video resolution and an improved latch construction. You’ll be able to access important details like temperature, time, date and barometric pressure on the pictures.

All programming buttons are simple and work perfectly well. The camera also boasts a solid 70-feet detection range.

However, this will vary based on the positioning and ambient temperature. As with no-glow trail cameras, the Dark Ops’ night pictures will be a bit grainier and darker. The daytime pictures feature great color and nice clarity. The Dark Ops is a compact and easy-to-conceal trail cam.


Browning is a brand worth considering if you’re seeking a top quality, but affordable trail cam. They’ve many different models, varying in terms of price and the features they offer. This brand is well-known for reliability and durability. Also, their prompt and reliable customer support backs why they deserve their remarkable reputation. You’re thus sure to get quick support in case you encounter any issues. Bottom line, they offer great value packages at really affordable prices. Make good use of the guide above and you can rest assured that your selection will be perfectly right for you.

Moultrie Trail Cameras

moultrie trail camera image 1

Moultrie provides a range of 13 different trail cameras to choose from. Their cameras are undeniably world class, and you don’t need to shell out a lot for them. All of them come with a one-year warranty package, password protection and a time-date stamp. They’re well loaded with all essentials, yet lightweight and easy to operate.

Moultrie is among the few names that keep popping up when comparing the best trail cameras.  This brand is often compared to that of Stealth Cam in terms of quality and price point.  They provide some really innovative products, all without breaking the bank.  Over time, they've began offering HD versions of their models, giving consumers the best shots available, both during day and night.  This is inclusive of HD video in 720p and 108p.

Moultrie is widely popular due to the advanced features offered in their cameras, most notably the large depth of field and an enhanced panoramic view. Features like the key code locks have cemented their position in this industry. You can be well assured that by choosing Moultrie, you’ll get a traditional, durable product that will stand the test of time, in addition to offering modern features.

Top 5 Best Moultrie Trail Cameras

The availability of different models can confuse most people. However, there’s a model for everyone. Below, we’ll review the best Moultrie trail cameras. This will help you when deciding on which model would suit you best.

It will help make your choice of model wise and worthwhile. We’ve taken various factors into account when coming up with this list. This includes our actual experience with the different models and reviews from other users.

1. M-880i Trail Camera

moultrie trail camera image 2

This 8MP trail cam is specially designed for super surveillance. It’s able to capture clear images, keeping you a defined and detailed view of your targets.

It’s a favorite for many users, most probably because of its affordable price point and up-to-date technology. It offers a nice 50-feet detection range.

When that’s combined with its 70-feet flash range, you get an all-weather, day-and-night trail camera.

The trigger speed is less than one second. It’s able to capture lots of detail, even in fast-moving and hectic situations, especially if it’s within the suggested movement range.

Try out this model with adjusted settings and you’ll be amazed at the immediate boost in battery life. It’s simply a dependable camera that does its job really well. The M-880i is a popular trail cam worth considering.

moultrie trail cameras image 3

The Panoramic 150 is a medium-priced game camera that boasts a solid 8MP optic. It’s powered by three motion sensors that provide a 150-degree detection angle.

This is among the widest you’d get on the market today. You won’t miss anything with this much viewing power and super wide viewing angle.

Its all-weather design is set to stand up to even the roughest elements.

The Mossy Oak Tree-stand camouflage ensures that the cam remains invisible to your targets.

Using Moultrie’s proprietary 100-foot, low-glow infrared flash technology, all photos and videos are recorded silently. You can extend the cam’s battery life by taking advantage of the motion-detect delay timers. You should really consider the Panoramic 150 for your main trail camera.

moultrie trail cameras image 4

The awe-inspiring A5 low-glow trail cam has certainly made scouting easy. 

Undoubtedly, it grants you a competitive advantage over other competitors when it comes down to performance.

This affordable and reasonably priced cam makes its way onto this list as a great overall buy, both to new and experienced users. You get to enjoy a 5MP low-glow shot that can take over 30,000 images on 4 C cell batteries.

With Moultrie’s A5 trail cam, you can set picture delays to 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes, enabling you to capture only the action you want. It offers a video option that’s conveniently compatible with today’s media.

With the roomy 50-foot range, you’ll get much use of this device. All pictures are automatically stamped with information relating to the images. It’s incredibly hard to find a trail camera offering such features at such a price. The A5 low-glow trail cam offers way much value for its price.

moultrie trail cameras image 5

Here’s yet another model to enhance your game and scouting experience.

The A-8 comes packed with numerous features which are definite to suffice all your requirements, while amplifying your hunting and scouting experience.

It’s an interesting, little mid-priced unit that has garnered considerable attention for how well it’s able to track its target.

This 8MP compact trail cam boasts a trigger speed of less than 1.5 seconds, 40-feet detection and 50-feet flash ranges.

This model wins out over others in its battery life. On a single charge, the A-8 can capture over 25,000 images. The camera comes well protected inside a waterproof Mossy Oak housing.

You can thus place it wherever you wish without having to worry about it getting damaged. If you’re seeking a great camera with the best battery life possible, you should definitely consider this little device.

moultrie trail camera image 6

The M-550 comes at an odd, but strong 7MP, offering a battery life of over 17,500 images.  The detection and flash ranges are 50 feet and 70 feet respectively.

It’s among the more practical units from Moultrie. The M-550 averages out to be a really solid unit. The low-glow IR flash technology is pretty great, and it’ll capture crisp, detailed photos even in the darkest of nights.

The time lapse option allows you to combine the best features of the different intervals, giving you full control over what you’d want captured.

It provides password protection through the new user-friendly interface, thus no one else can access your pictures without your authorization. Backlit navigation will be handy in bad lighting conditions. For a compact and convenient camera that’s easy to configure and use, you should consider the M-550 trail cam.

Should You Choose Moultrie?

Moultrie Feeders is a large organization under an even larger company known as EBSCO Industries whose main headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded by Elton Bryson Stephens Sr. in 1944. Moultrie is a customer’s dream.

They’re self-proclaimed leaders in game management and are known to have the highest quality products. You can easily obtain these products without killing your wallet. All their products fall in the mid-to-low price range. In fact, they barely crack the high price threshold.

By reading through the above top 5 best Moultrie trail cameras, you’ll realize whether a Moultrie is for you.  They don't cut corners, focusing on the most important aspects of a trail camera. What you’ll get is a game camera that captures great pictures and videos, has easy-to-use and access options, and is durable in tough weather. Moultrie keeps it simple and also keeps the prices down. This is a victory that’s passed onto you in a variety of ways. By purchasing a Moultrie, you can be assured that you’re choosing a trail camera that will work for life.

So, yes, you should choose Moultrie.