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Founded in 1989, Cuddeback trail cameras are among the world’s oldest brands, unlike some other brands which have come and gone. Cuddeback has been in the market for over 25 years now.

Their main goal has always been to design the best trail camera possible at every price point. So far, they have been able to maintain top notch performance at quite affordable prices.

Top 5 Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Below, we are going to feature the top 5 Cuddeback trail cameras. This will purposely serve as your ultimate guide whenever you’re shopping for Cuddeback trail cameras. In addition, we will look into each of these top models, showing you why these cameras are highly rated.

1. Long Range IR Model E2

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Many users have reported that the Long Range IR Model E2 really saves them hours when out in the field.

It’s a highly dependable device that’s certain to capture all information you’d need to track movements. Its fast ¼-second trigger speed complements a fast recovery time.

This game camera can capture two pictures in the same period many other models would take one.

The Long Range IR E2 has been asserted by many as the best Cuddeback trail camera available. It offers a 20MP resolution which, in addition to its wide-view image capability, allows for crystal-clear images.

This model gives you 2 watts of infrared illumination, with up to a 100-feet flash range. Zone control is among the excellent features you will enjoy. This enables you to select a wider angle for monitoring the field, and a properly centered view for trails. This would be your match if you’re seeking an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice in terms of quality.

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Here is yet another Cuddeback’s model that offers great performance at quite a nice price. The IR Plus 1309 boasts a 1/2 second trigger.

This is virtually the fastest you can get at this low price point. Similar to the model above, this trail camera will be ready to capture the next photo within one second of taking the first.

This model excels in its simple setup which, in turn, makes the setup and deployment almost fool-proof.

The mounting system has been reinvented, making it more versatile and easier to deploy the camera. Using the Genius Mount feature, you’ll not bang the cam around while strapping it to a pole or a tree. Optimal mounts additionally allow for tilting, panning and locking. The 8MP IR Plus 1309 (White Series) would be a great option for budget-minded hunters who’re also looking for performance that’s not disappointing.

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The Cuddeback Black Flash E3 is an all around impressive camera that has been an ultimate option for hunters.

It comes included with a 20MP resolution which allows for a 1-5 image burst mode. You can thus get various different views.

Additionally, you get multiple motion sensor options, including the day-only, at night-only or both. You can opt for photos only or get video playback. As well, you can choose to add sound to your videos.

One major benefit of the E3 is that it’ll display the moon-phase directly on the captured photo or video. This way, it’ll be easier to track game based on their behavioral patterns. You won’t need to worry about readjusting the settings or time for daylight saving time. This is automatically done within the camera.

The Cuddeback E3 offers many benefits which are barely offered by other units at such a price point. It’s rightfully deserves consideration if you’re looking for a top quality, compact trail camera.

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This is another top model from Cuddeback’s Blue Series. It’s an entirely new concept in trail cams.

First, the X-Change 1255 features interchangeable models which allow the cameras flash to become IR, color or Black Flash. Secondly, it boasts a legendary ¼-second trigger speed. 

It will be ready to capture the next photo within one second of capturing the first. 

The 20MP pictures produced are simply incredible, giving you color images during daytime and black-and-white images at night. Several innovative features have been incorporated in this model, including fully customizable time lapse and Zone Control.

Among the exclusive features you’ll find is the no-glow flash module. Versatility and top performance are the major benefits you’ll get with the X-Change 1255; rest assured that you’re getting real value for your hard-earned money.

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This was the first cam that gained remarkable popularity outside Cuddeback’s E-Series. It’s actually easy to see why. The C2 employs specific zones, combining that with the second trigger speed.

The missed moments and blind spots common with many other cameras are not an issue with this model. The video mode is well designed to grant you better experience with a better 20MP resolution.

This camera’s dimensions are average at 7-inch x 7.2-inch x 3.5-inch, which is conveniently compact. It has proven to be a real standout in many detection shootouts. Its batteries would notably last over 8 months if it were to capture 35 day and 35 night pictures in every 24 hours. This is a model consumers have loved, and you’re sure to love it as well.

The Cuddeback Trail Camera Difference


Cuddeback trail cams can also serve as surveillance cameras. They’re reliable, compact, capture excellent photos, and easily blend into their surroundings. With their innovative concealment methods, you’ll be able to hide the game camera in plain sight and any intruder won’t see it.  You can use any of the cameras above even in the most hostile conditions.

While most brands are busy racing to offer low priced cameras, Cuddeback is continuing to build the best trail cameras for your money. Their support is highly remarkable as they respond to all their customers promptly and effectively.

There are 4 different camera families to choose from which include the White, Blue, Silver and Black Series. These vary in the features they offer and their price points. Choose your camera wisely, in accordance to your specific needs and preferences. You can be assured that Cuddeback’s top cameras won’t disappoint you.

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