Moultrie Trail Cameras

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Moultrie provides a range of 13 different trail cameras to choose from. Their cameras are undeniably world class, and you don’t need to shell out a lot for them. All of them come with a one-year warranty package, password protection and a time-date stamp. They’re well loaded with all essentials, yet lightweight and easy to operate.

Moultrie is among the few names that keep popping up when comparing the best trail cameras.  This brand is often compared to that of Stealth Cam in terms of quality and price point.  They provide some really innovative products, all without breaking the bank.  Over time, they've began offering HD versions of their models, giving consumers the best shots available, both during day and night.  This is inclusive of HD video in 720p and 108p.

Moultrie is widely popular due to the advanced features offered in their cameras, most notably the large depth of field and an enhanced panoramic view. Features like the key code locks have cemented their position in this industry. You can be well assured that by choosing Moultrie, you’ll get a traditional, durable product that will stand the test of time, in addition to offering modern features.

Top 5 Best Moultrie Trail Cameras

The availability of different models can confuse most people. However, there’s a model for everyone. Below, we’ll review the best Moultrie trail cameras. This will help you when deciding on which model would suit you best.

It will help make your choice of model wise and worthwhile. We’ve taken various factors into account when coming up with this list. This includes our actual experience with the different models and reviews from other users.

1. M-880i Trail Camera

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This 8MP trail cam is specially designed for super surveillance. It’s able to capture clear images, keeping you a defined and detailed view of your targets.

It’s a favorite for many users, most probably because of its affordable price point and up-to-date technology. It offers a nice 50-feet detection range.

When that’s combined with its 70-feet flash range, you get an all-weather, day-and-night trail camera.

The trigger speed is less than one second. It’s able to capture lots of detail, even in fast-moving and hectic situations, especially if it’s within the suggested movement range.

Try out this model with adjusted settings and you’ll be amazed at the immediate boost in battery life. It’s simply a dependable camera that does its job really well. The M-880i is a popular trail cam worth considering.

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The Panoramic 150 is a medium-priced game camera that boasts a solid 8MP optic. It’s powered by three motion sensors that provide a 150-degree detection angle.

This is among the widest you’d get on the market today. You won’t miss anything with this much viewing power and super wide viewing angle.

Its all-weather design is set to stand up to even the roughest elements.

The Mossy Oak Tree-stand camouflage ensures that the cam remains invisible to your targets.

Using Moultrie’s proprietary 100-foot, low-glow infrared flash technology, all photos and videos are recorded silently. You can extend the cam’s battery life by taking advantage of the motion-detect delay timers. You should really consider the Panoramic 150 for your main trail camera.

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The awe-inspiring A5 low-glow trail cam has certainly made scouting easy. 

Undoubtedly, it grants you a competitive advantage over other competitors when it comes down to performance.

This affordable and reasonably priced cam makes its way onto this list as a great overall buy, both to new and experienced users. You get to enjoy a 5MP low-glow shot that can take over 30,000 images on 4 C cell batteries.

With Moultrie’s A5 trail cam, you can set picture delays to 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes, enabling you to capture only the action you want. It offers a video option that’s conveniently compatible with today’s media.

With the roomy 50-foot range, you’ll get much use of this device. All pictures are automatically stamped with information relating to the images. It’s incredibly hard to find a trail camera offering such features at such a price. The A5 low-glow trail cam offers way much value for its price.

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Here’s yet another model to enhance your game and scouting experience.

The A-8 comes packed with numerous features which are definite to suffice all your requirements, while amplifying your hunting and scouting experience.

It’s an interesting, little mid-priced unit that has garnered considerable attention for how well it’s able to track its target.

This 8MP compact trail cam boasts a trigger speed of less than 1.5 seconds, 40-feet detection and 50-feet flash ranges.

This model wins out over others in its battery life. On a single charge, the A-8 can capture over 25,000 images. The camera comes well protected inside a waterproof Mossy Oak housing.

You can thus place it wherever you wish without having to worry about it getting damaged. If you’re seeking a great camera with the best battery life possible, you should definitely consider this little device.

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The M-550 comes at an odd, but strong 7MP, offering a battery life of over 17,500 images.  The detection and flash ranges are 50 feet and 70 feet respectively.

It’s among the more practical units from Moultrie. The M-550 averages out to be a really solid unit. The low-glow IR flash technology is pretty great, and it’ll capture crisp, detailed photos even in the darkest of nights.

The time lapse option allows you to combine the best features of the different intervals, giving you full control over what you’d want captured.

It provides password protection through the new user-friendly interface, thus no one else can access your pictures without your authorization. Backlit navigation will be handy in bad lighting conditions. For a compact and convenient camera that’s easy to configure and use, you should consider the M-550 trail cam.

Should You Choose Moultrie?

Moultrie Feeders is a large organization under an even larger company known as EBSCO Industries whose main headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded by Elton Bryson Stephens Sr. in 1944. Moultrie is a customer’s dream.

They’re self-proclaimed leaders in game management and are known to have the highest quality products. You can easily obtain these products without killing your wallet. All their products fall in the mid-to-low price range. In fact, they barely crack the high price threshold.

By reading through the above top 5 best Moultrie trail cameras, you’ll realize whether a Moultrie is for you.  They don't cut corners, focusing on the most important aspects of a trail camera. What you’ll get is a game camera that captures great pictures and videos, has easy-to-use and access options, and is durable in tough weather. Moultrie keeps it simple and also keeps the prices down. This is a victory that’s passed onto you in a variety of ways. By purchasing a Moultrie, you can be assured that you’re choosing a trail camera that will work for life.

So, yes, you should choose Moultrie.

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