Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 Review


Low-Mid Price

Ease Of Use

Easy enough for beginners.

Power Options

Amazing Battery Life!

Picture Quality

Top Notch picture quality


Quality Camera All Around

reconyx hyperfire hc600 review

Hyperfire HC500 Specs:

  • Megapixels: 3.1 MP/1080p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2 sec
  • Detection Range: 50ft
  • Flash Type: No-Glo Infrared
  • Power Source: 12AA or 1.5v Lithium

First things first, the price of the Hyperfire HC500 is on the upper end in the market.  We're talking in the $400-500 dollar range. If this doesn't scare you off... please, read on.

This camera is arguable one of the best trail cameras you can buy.  It's incredible durable and has a proven track record of being very dependable.  The vast majority of reviews you can find will attest to this also.

Picture Quality

3.1 MP, Are you kidding me?!  At first when you see this specification you can't understand how the price point for this camera could be so high. 

It's important to understand that the megapixel number is not an indicator for the quality of the image.  I've written on this subject which you can read here.  What IS important is the quality of the lens that's in the game camera.

Reconyx understands this and has installed a very high quality lens that produces extremely crisp images.  Don't let the MP fool you.

Battery and Power Options

reconyx hc500 review

You can either use 6AA or 12AA batteries in this model.  One of the HC500's greatest features is the outstanding battery life

Using 12AA lithium batteries, the trail camera will easily have enough power up to last an entire year. 

​It is not equipped to use a solar panel however, if that was your intention.  But who needs that when your trail camera will last for a year?!

Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 Review

*Small note: This review was done by one of my competitors but for the sake of providing my visitors will quality information and value, I've decided to include it here.  It covers the HC500's features and capabilities very well.

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